Jade L’Ecuyer & Andrew Kirn
605 Hwy. 518 RR#3
Parry Sound, ON
P2A 2W9

Kevin Whetham was our real estate agent for the purchase of our first home. We first met Kevin as the selling agent for the house we were interested in. When he found out we were first time homebuyers he was quick to give some great general advice and some important things to consider. Once we realized this was the house for us it was a natural decision to ask Kevin to represent us in the purchase process of the house.

Both Andrew and myself deal with people on a daily bases and know the importance of customer service. Customer service two simple words with a lot of meaning behind them and this is exactly what sticks out in our minds when we think of Kevin. He posses exceptional customer service skills which is something that seems to be lacking in a lot of businesses now a days. He took many extra steps to ensure we had all possible information we required to make a knowledgeable decision and was patient with us the whole time.

There are many unknowns in real estate the best thing to do is to find an expert like Kevin. He is someone you can put your trust into and rest assured he is looking out for your best interests throughout the process. It was so fantastic to work with someone that wanted to see us succeed and get the home of our dreams as much as we did.

If you require any additional information about Kevin feel free to reach me at 705-380-2844.


Jade L’Ecuyer & Andrew Kirn - First time home buyers

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