Joy F

“I recently bought a beautiful farm in Eastern Ontario that I would not have been able to find without the help of Niki Korda. I was living in Europe and planning to return to Canada after a long absence. But, I was unable to come here to preview any homes. As well, my requirements were difficult to find. I needed a home with more then the usual number of bedrooms and a nice acreage (to accommodate 10 children and 10 horses!). Niki worked really hard, traveling quite far from her home base, to search out, preview and photograph various farms for me that met my criteria. I am now moved in and thrilled with the home she found me. She worked hard at fulfilling my desires and bargaining for me while protecting my long distance interests.”

Debi & Kelvin Johnson, now of Dorset, Ontario

Niki’s personalized approach is unparallel to any experience we have had with real estate. The purchase of a property is always a stressful event, however, Niki transformed the process from a transaction to an experience. Not only did she understand and articulate our needs, she was the quintessential element to making our dream come to fruition.

Debbie Gilbert

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Niki Korda’s real estate services. She listened carefully to our needs, thoughtfully recommended ideas we hadn’t considered, and used tons of initiative to research properties and locations on our behalf, saving us both time and money. Niki was patient, creative and attentive, working hard on our behalf throughout the entire process, never pressuring us outside of our comfort zone. Her professionalism and enthusiasm won us over as clients from the start!

Dr. Christopher Sankey

June 12, 2009

Dear Mike Baum & Niki Korda,

I just arrived back in Toronto and I wanted to, without delay, thank both of you, and specifically to inform you Mike of the absolutely outstanding quality of service and professionalism Niki showed me over the last few days of intensive property searching.

Courteous always, assertive when required, well informed and well prepared, Niki had maps and routes, and details on each site. She arranged boat transport, rented a canoe, and in spite of rain, wind, whitecaps, hot sun, mosquitoes and long days (8am until 1:30am) she was there—scrambling up rock faces, paddling across rivers and lakes–while always checking in to assess my comfort with each property and situation.

Beyond her surprisingly strong paddling and backwoods skills and her organization and professionalism, I was extremely impressed by her honesty. As a builder and an experienced real estate investor, I am familiar with many of the typical pros and cons of the purchase of buildings and property. Despite this I was repeatedly taken by how Niki went out of her way to clearly point out not just the positives of each property, but also the present and possible negatives. Her clear focus on assisting me, and representing my best interests, was remarkable and very reassuring. The manner in which she did this, while clearly being compassionate and honestly empathetic with potential sellers’ issues, is a testament to her moral goodness.

Mike, as you know, I started this cottage search some years ago, and have approached it in a serious, focused manner. You and I too have canoed and battled mosquitoes, and even had our share of dealings with odd characters. Thank you so much for this, and for taking Niki onto your team, and for connecting her with me.  Not one for empty praise, I hope it is as clear to you, Niki, as it is to me, that you are an outstanding example of the very best qualities any agent can aspire to.


Niki & Mike, today I will hear if I am to be the proud owner/custodian of my dream cottage and land, but I have already learned that there is no more competent, dedicated, tenacious, and honest professional team than yours.

Harve Mihalic

Just a quick note to say thanks for all your help and diligence.
I feel like I’ve given you a bit of a hard time and ridden you a little hard at some points, but know that I respect and hold you in high regard in your profession and as an individual.

I hope you can help me find the next “northern escape” when I’m ready.

You’re awesome.


Paul Wilson – “One Very Happy Client”

I’m writing to express my very sincere thanks for service that I consider was far beyond the call of duty. As you know from the work we did together, I really needed advice and guidance throughout the whole process of developing a cottage option that would work best for me. And I don’t mind saying (again) that I am very impressed with your ability to find, assess and negotiate a deal that really made sense to me in terms of the quality of the property as well as negotiating an offer that was competitive and economically sound.
All up I am thrilled with the new purchase and feel indebted to you for helping me realize this dream. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to express my gratitude. I would certainly be pleased to act as a reference on your behalf at any time.
With thanks and best Wishes

Nancy DeLaurier


I wanted to send a sincere thank you for all your efforts and dedication in selling my cottage in Dorset.

As soon as you signed on as my realtor, I felt a huge relief. I knew your enthusiasm for my cottage and your professionalism would find the perfect buyer. You were a major factor in the sale. Your love of photography, along with many trips and hours spent taking pictures during different times of the day, including evening shots, provided top quality photographs to potential buyers. You certainly went above the call of duty on our shopping sprees to decorate. Having a cottage with a unique design and numerous features, I truly appreciated that you took the time to understand it and proudly highlight all the special features to prospective buyers.

Of monumental importance was the fact that you were always available for questions and support. Your knowledge, sincerity, optimism and constant communication were very important to me.

For anyone considering listing their cottage property for sale or buying locally, choose wisely!  The cottage market is different than the city market and Niki Korda is the perfect choice!

David Mee

My real estate experience with Niki Korda was very positive and successful. Niki listened to my wants and needs, explained what living in the area in small communities would mean, and helped me to clearly decide that this was what I wanted. She then helped by showing houses that I was interested in, but also researched the area herself and familiarized herself with exactly what I was looking for … so no time wasted looking at properties that did not meet my criteria. As an aside, Niki is very familiar with the whole area and with most of the houses on the market.

When I found the house I wanted to purchase Niki seamlessly moved into the role of negotiator and ensured that the deal was fair to both parties. She helped with finding me a broker and a home inspector and took the time to be at the property when the home was inspected.

All in all, I would highly recommend Niki if you intend to purchase a home anywhere in the Haliburton area.

Bobbie & Lyle Dyment

Shopping for a new home or cottage can be exciting, but overwhelming. It takes a lot of searching, concentration and time to check out the features, location and community amenities involved with each listing. Your goal as a buyer is to find the place that meets your needs, and offers most of your wants, within your budget; and that’s where Niki Korda’s skills will benefit you greatly. Niki has endless energy and an enthusiasm for finding the place that suits you best. She will listen, and quickly get to know your requirements, then research tirelessly for the property that hits all your points. She will arrange for as many viewings as you wish, and present them in a way that helps you score each against your ideal. Finally, she will guide you through the offering process and help answer all the technical and community regulations questions you may have. We are grateful for Niki’s assistance in helping us locate our new vacation home, especially for her informative and honest approach to our search. Thank you, Niki.


This is really the best testimonial I’ve ever written!


This testimonial was the best I’ve ever seen!!


This is my testimonial! I was very happy.

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